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Center of Conspiracy Eclectic

Project with Archizoom Ass.


XIV Triennale di Milano

Year:     1968


Implemented during the 14th Triennale, the contested Triennale (1968), it is dedicated to the American Black leader, H. Rap Brown, the supporter of armed revolution and Black Power, assassinated in that very year, without witnesses. It is a Mausoleum, not of marble, but of black fabric like the black curtain, the Kiswa, that covers the Ka'bah in the center of the Great Mosque of Mecca, the sacred place of that Islamic religion that brought together the majority of militant American Blacks. The entranceway is framed by an Arab decoration, the two portholes recall the interior doors of the great factories, one enters a vestibule furnished with two “fly traps” on the two sides that support two enormous condoms filled with the “seed” of the dead man’s private objects. The dividing wall between the cell and the vestibule is transparent PVC, cut but a doorway in “Prince of Wales” wool and not Serene Stone, to represent that hated bourgeois elegance, so imitated although twisted by militant Blacks. The bier is a large bed crossed by a table, an obstacle to love, prevented by death, that has 9 small intermittent lights in the center, like candles in front of the canopy, covered in fake mother-of-pearl, with a picture of the deceased, surmounted by a stuffed eagle, an homage to Rauschenberg and symbol of “Amerikan” power Everything is false in is Malcom X Mausoleum, from the eagle to the doorway to the plastic plants and the fake silk of the bed, because there is no truth but continuous mystification and hypocrisy in that society that Malcom X and, even we, wanted to radically change.


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