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Caminiti Bookcase “Internet of Things”


Anno:     2014


BOOKCASE “Internet of Things” di Paolo Deganello self-producer with Falegnameria Camisasca and Riccardo Canducci



The Caminiti bookcase is an “Internet of things” project because it incorporates a digital device that allows to memorize all the titles of the books that are in the bookcase on computers and smartphones. If you search for the title of the book you are looking for, a blue led at every end of a half shelf will be automatically turned on, suggesting in the same way where the book has to be replaced after use.

The bookcase is formed of shelves and columns made of MDF (thicknes 19 mm), cut and complete with CNC machines in two solutions, with or without digital extension (Caminiti Bookcase, 950 € price): in both solutions the light is included and the bookcase is prepared to receive the plant and the processor of the entire digital prothesis, that therefore can be bought separately in a second moment at a price of 250 €.

The bookcase has been designed in three versions: “La Magra” (“The Thin”) (cm 227,7x110x45,4), version in the picture, that can contain up to about 300 books, “La Normale” (“The Normal”) (cm 260,8x116x48,1) and “La Grassa”  (“The Fat”) (cm 261,5x135x54,7).

The bookcase is delivered wrapped in two packages: the first contains the shelves, the light’s polycarbonate, the 12 volt LED light and the assembly instructions; the second contains all vertical elements, already assembled with the cables for the plant and the processor. After the assembly of the shelves, the customer has just to connect the plugs of the 12 volt electric plant and place the processor. If the digital extension has been bought separately is the buyer who will assemble the cables, already equipped of  the plugs, in the dedicated grooves, following simple instructions.

The customer can set with the designer different colors of MDF, among those in production, without any variation in the price; possible variation in the dimensions and materials could be also be set with the designer, in that cases a different price would be object of estimate.

The bookcase is designed to be placed alongside a wall but also to be paired with another one, one placed alongside the other so that as an only bookcase it can be put in the middle of a location. If paired the two bookcases can use one processor for two plant. If the customer buys up to three bookcases Internet of Things he can use one processor for the three bookcases connecting the three plants.


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