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docummenta chair1.jpg

Documenta Chair

Year:    1987

Produced by:  Vitra Edition

This is a experimental project. It was supposed to have been produced in small quantities. It was supposed to have been a collectors' product and to be used to experiment new shapes of industrial product. It is conceived as a set of elements with different designs that, moving within space, meet to form a chair. The elements were supposed to change and that's how the experimentation was supposed to continue and create new products. Three different versions where created, but only two completed: the different elements were the back, that was always covered in black leather but with different shapes, and the seat in blue wicker with small aluminium plates and a second in leather using slices in two colors,  great work of Simona Grassi for which I owe all my gratitude, for the passion and the dedication with which she made this prototype "not for profit".


docummenta chair.jpg
docummenta chair3.jpg
docummenta chair4.jpg
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