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Year:    1985

Produced by Cassina


In the digital age, form is a set of points. I took a portion of sand, a set of small grains of ceramicized quartz and tied together by the polyester and I stuck four wooden sticks in it, repeating the elementary gesture of a child that discovers how a stick can stand up in the sand. I then studied the movement around a table in the classic living room formed by the sofa and two easy chairs. I designed the less cumbersome form with various curves. Begginning from the presumed routes for sitting and getting up in that living room. This form, obtained by two semi- ellipses of different curvatures connected at two ends, is realized by cutting the glass slab with a numerical control machine. I put two of these superimposed and perfectly equal slabs on each table. Being a figure resulting from two geometric figure mortised together only a numerical control machine could guarantee that the two slabs would correspond. Between the two slabs I placed decorations made with die-cut plastic fabric. The user can arrange these decorations to suit himself or follow my suggestion in the brochure. To decorate the table, he can use rose petals and blades of grass, a photograph of his lover or grandmother, dollars and dried flowers and the decoration will belong to him and won't be my work. In addition to irregular forms Cassina has also provided regular and traditional shapes, a circle and a square. I believe I owe the fact that Cassina decided to manifacture this difficult product to Rodrigo Rodriquez.

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